Where to from here?

Since the inception of Asia Center Foundation we have focused on informal education to mainly pre-school age, children-at -risk who, for many reasons, didn’t follow the mainstream education process. Our initial Centers were dilapidated buildings which we rented and which we upgraded as far as we were able into ”pre-school” centers. We have had very little, or no space at all for playground areas, and none of our buildings was actually completely appropriate for education purposes or adhered to the most basic safety standards.

During 2006 12 Rai of land (19 200 sqm or 1.92 hectare) was bought for our work by a sponsor who lost his wife in the 2004 tsunami. For a number of years the land was undeveloped due to lack of funds to build the ACF dream: our own Pre- and Primary school from were a community center with sport facilities also can be managed to provide opportunities to disadvantaged children.


Why our own school?

We have found that many of the children attending our pre-school centers were often not ready for school and also had a number of issues to deal with at a very young age already. Lack of stimulation, discipline and even healthy food at home played a detrimental role in their pre-school development.

When children left our project to go to local primary school after being part of a totally different environment at our center, they rarely received the same kind of individual attention and care. Some children just can not adjust in the local school environment due to bigger numbers of students in the primary classes and their issues don’t get attended to. Most often these

children drop out of school at a very young age as they get targeted as naughty children.

ACF has worked for the past 12 years with children from broken homes, children from homes were drugs or alcohol is abused as well as where physical violence between parents is a general occurrence. We have focused on providing full care for a number of children who started out in our Thai pre-school center. It is at this project that we have seen the biggest change in children. ACF believes that children should stay in contact with their families but also aim to provide more stability in children from broken families’ lives by adding a house parent set-up to those who require more stability and care in their young lives. Therefore a boarding component will be added to our school project.

Th school will serve 245 children from poor and broken families by assisting approved families with scholarships so their children can attend our school.


Facilities will include:

  • Pre- and Primary classes
  • Youth/Community Center where children can learn computer skills, English, music, art and crafts as well as cooking and baking and holiday programs can be presented to kids in the community as well
  • Communal hall
  • Boarding houses
  • Volunteer/staff accommodation
  • Sport field and swimming pool
  • ACF head office
  • Coffee shop ( visitors and children will make use of this and children will learn how to manage a coffee shop as well as learn to bake for the shop)

For more information about the school project and to support this project please contact us at asiacfinfo@gmail.com