What they say about us

Asia Center Foundation is happy to share some testimonials from our dear supporters, what they say about us:

“Asia Center Foundation does so much for children, not only through supporting them financially through their educational requirements, but also through emotionally and in terms of safety through the Kids Club and the Safe House. Additionally, they also realize the value of sports. Chris and I both appreciate that being involved in sports, particularly internationally, can be a life changing experience for children.”

Jo and Chris Spearing, Long-term supporters of the ACF Scholarship Program


“Well if we were living in an ideal or dream world, I would say that I hope it will be your last birthday meaning that there are no more kids who need Asia Center Foundation. Unfortunately, I can’t see this happening, so I just wish and hope that Asia Center Foundation will remain active as long as the children need them and hope that they will find more and more donors to sustain their action.”

Jeff Klentzi. Bangkok Bangers on Bikes


“Whatever one does in life, nothing achieves results like hard work. Roelien has put her life on hold over the last 10 years and changed the lives of those less fortunate. This has come from her full commitment and dedication whilst learning and adapting along the way. Her efforts have led to her now commanding a leading knowledge and understanding of what it takes to give children in Phuket a real opportunity to grow into leaders. She deserves a medal! ”

Andy Berry, CEO Touraid


“Congratulations to Roelien Muller and all the other quiet achievers for such a noble effort in galvanising the strength of the rugby fraternity in giving hope to the under privileged, a chance to be educated and a chance to live life. Happy 10th anniversary and I hope I am around for a long time to see Asia Center Foundation growing from strength to strength.”

Charlie Chelliah, member and player Bob Pearson, with Royal Selangor Club, Rugby Section