Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program in Thailand, Phuket, Khao Lak, Asia Center foundation

A scholarship recipient receiving a gift from his sponsor along with his teacher and Asia Center Foundations’ staff members

Asia Center Foundation (ACF) manages a Scholarship Program in Thailand, on Phuket and in Khao Lak. About 100 students each year from primary, secondary and high school benefit from this support of 10,000 baht. ACF doesn’t hands out cash but helps to buy school uniforms, school shoes and bags, study materials, stationery and lunch at school.

The impact that these basic necessities, or the lack there of, in a child’s life is vast. The program has changed many lives and provided so many opportunities to children who wouldn’t be able to attend school otherwise. The results are both heart warming and extremely rewarding. Since 2003, the Scholarship Program helped more than 400 students.

The Tsunami of 2004 has inescapably changed the socio-economic environment of Phuket. Asia Center Foundation saw the direct and in-direct results of this within the community and initiated a program to assist families affected by the catastrophe via a scholarship program. The program has since changed focus to provide assistance to a number of disadvantaged boys and girls on Phuket and in Khao Lak.

In 2004 ACF was invited to join hands with Phuket Vagabonds Rugby Club to raise funds for the scholarship project during their annual International Rugby Ten’s Competition held in Phuket at the end of May. The competition sees teams from across the globe converge on Phuket to not only participate in the tournament, but to also raise awareness and funds for the ACF Scholarship Program. The continued support of the rugby teams involved is invaluable to the Scholarship Program.


Examples of ‘Thank you’ letters written by Scholarship Program recipients to their sponsors:

Dear sponsor

How are you doing? Thank you for your support through scholarship program and birthday gift for me. I’ve never met you and I hope to see you! I will try to study hard and do excellent in my studies so that you would be proud of me.
I wish you joy and good health.

11 Years old

Dear my sponsor

I really want to thank you for supporting me. I have new school uniforms, shoes and books. I will use all during my studies, these benefit me a lot, Today I have better day because of your support.


11 Years old

Dear sponsor

How are you? Presently I am in Vocational college, year 3. Thank you for supporting me for while a long time now. My family and I could never forget it!
I wish the best for you in all you do. I will study hard as my desire is to provide the best for my parents and younger brother. I need to have a good job and further my studies. I will achieve my dream.
Thank you for your support and would like you to visit my house.
Wish you have happiness and success.

17 Years old

Hello, my sponsor

I would like to say thank you very much for your support. I am from a poor background and have nothing to give back to you except that I will study hard.
Hope to see you one day.

9 Years old


My name is Wasana Nuanphrajob. I would to thank you for your support through the scholarship fund. I am in my 2nd year of high school. I will finish high school and I will study hard even though I don’t like some subjects. I know the knowledge. That gain is good for me and that I can benefit from it. In the future I will get the best job.
Thank you once again for all your help. I am so happy.

14 Years old

Thank you very much for supporting me. Your support helped my family a lot. Before my mom had a very hard job to save money for my school uniform and stationery. Your support helped her a lot. I have to thank you so much for this.
I wish you good health and a long life. Because of your support we can stand up again.

12 Years old

Hello my sponsor

I would like to say thank you for everything that you gave me. Thank you for allowing me to attend the rugby event. I enjoyed swimming, all the other activities and the accommodation. I play rugby and I have participated in many rugby competitions. I love it.

10 Years old


I am Phanakorn Smanpeth. I am in my 2nd year of Secondary school, I would like to say thank you very much for the good opportunity you gave a poor child. Thank you to ACF to allow you to help me and have such a good program. I will study hard and take care of my stationery and uniform.
Wish you all happiness and good health and that everything runs smoothly at your work.

13 Years old

Hello my sponsor,

I’m Veerawut Klungkuaw. I want to thank you for supporting me with new school uniforms, I wear the same uniform everyday because my family is poor. My parents are garbage collectors, they earn 100 Baht someday it’s better and they get 200–300 Baht. My father has heart problem and brain infection. I really thank you from the bottom of my heart.

8 Years old

Hello my sponsor

My name is Boonlung Dumsiri, my nick name is Lung and I’m in 3rd grade. I’m not very good at studies but I try to learn for my mom and grandmother. I would like to graduate with a Bachelor degree. My mom asks you to support me through education because we are poor. My mom gets salary 6500 B a month. Now it’s rainy season. I wish you happiness in every thing.

8 Years old

Dear sponsor

I would like to thank you for supporting me. I now have good things happening in my life. Before I was an unhappy girl. No father stays with mother, she works alone. Your support is very helpful. Thank you for being concerned about my life, I’m lucky, I will study hard and help my mom to do housework. Please help other students like me in the future.
Thank you very much.

10 Years old

Hello my sponsor

I’m Onanung Promvimon, my nick name is Fern and I’m in the 5th grade. I live with my mom, she is in good health. We have a lot of expenses and she only earns a little but I’m happy to be with her. My mom and I want to thank you for your support.
Thank you very much .

11Years old

Hello my sponsor

My name is Kunnikar Keawkunk, my nick name is Bua. I’m in 3rd grade. I would like to tell you my story. I live with my grandparent and aunt. We are a food sellers but we only get a small income, we have a lot of bills however. We are poor but we are full of happiness that we can be together. I wish you health and happiness. I will study hard.

9 Years old