Life Skill Development Program

Computer ClassCooking Class

Many of the disadvantaged children attending our activities do not have a well-structured family life. Neither are  they encouraged or supported in trying out new options to increase their confidence in their own abilities or learn new skills.

ACF addresses this situation via two main initiatives: Life Skills Development and Sport. Asia Center Foundation’s Life Skill development program includes swimming and rugby and general life skill activities focusing on Primary and Secondary school students between the ages of 8 and 16.

Life Skill Program

This program is often called ‘The Kids Club’ among children and is held on Saturdays. The Club program includes life skill options such as computer literacy, music, arts and crafts, English language teaching and soon, cooking and baking. All this takes place in a structured environment but with an emphasis on fun, one of the highlights  being the end of the year presentation to parents.

During meetings, children are encouraged to reflect and discuss issues they face in their daily lives at home and at school, and are further encouraged to give their opinions and learn from each other in a practical and fun way.

The Club meetings also serve as a vehicle to identify the need for counseling and financial assistance within the community and provide spiritual guidance and encouragement. Volunteers can make a big difference by making themselves available to teach or share their skills. Donations to keep this project going are urgently needed. To donate to the Life Skill project please contact us at

Swimming, Water Safety and Rugby

It came as a surprise that, although living on an island, very few children in Phuket were able to swim. Swimming therefore became another exciting vehicle for the kids to participate in the Life Skill Development program. By conducting water safety training and swimming lessons with the help of the Phuket Lifeguard Association, ACF has seen a tremendous improvement in the children’s swimming abilities.

The Youth Rugby Development program has been halted for the time being, due to lack of a full time coach. The program provided great opportunities for team building and leadership development in the past and we look forward to being able to manage the program on a full-time basis in the future again.