JumpStart Learning Center

Burmese Children in Thailand - Jumpstart Learning Center - Asia Center Foundation

Provide education to Burmese children in Thailand

The JumpStart project’s core focus is to address the needs of Burmese children living on Phuket, Thailand. Bearing similarities to a pre-school center, the aim is to provide children with an opportunity to be educated. As Burmese people in Thailand experience certain restrictions, in 2008, ACF felt  that we needed to assist Burmese children as well.

The children attending Jump Start come from at-risk and poor families and for various reasons, they cannot attend Thai government schools. In addition to providing education, 45 children receive a daily meal, care and support. The families of the children have left Burma to find a better life in Thailand often leaving their extended family behind. Many of them send money home to help their families.

All the students receive teaching in Burmese and Thai as well as in English language. They learn to read, write, study maths and social sciences, and when a bit older, they learn how to use a computer – there are four computers donated in the study room. In addition, they hear Bible stories, learn to sing English songs and go outings to parks and swimming.