The Safe House (Baan Sii Som)

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Children’s Safe House “Baan Sii Som”

The Children’s Safe House called “Baan Sii Som” (Orange house) is a house run by Thai parents which provides a safe family environment, emotional support and everything a growing child needs. The safe house project has brought about considerable change on an ongoing basis to the lives of 9 children.

With the inception of the Patong Childcare Center (PCC), it became apparent that a place of safety was required for some of the children attending PCC. There are a myriad of reasons why children were given the opportunity to enroll in the Safe House program ranging from exposure to alcoholism, physical abuse between parents, unsound home environment or circumstances beyond the parents’ control eg., nature of occupation.

Many children are better off in place of safety where they received full care instead of living with their families on a day to day basis. Parents were either involved in the red light district of Patong or alcoholics. There were often family violence as well.

The Safe House project was started in 2007.  All expenses including house rental, meals, clothing, scholastic expenses, medical treatments, transportation, recreational activities and salaries of house parents are provided by Asia Center Foundation with the help of donations.