Asia Center Foundation (ACF) helps disadvantaged children through different programs from 3 to 18 years old. From a pre-school, to sports programs, ACF enables children to develop themselves in many ways.

Why are so many children out of school?

Children who live in extreme poverty face many barriers to education including:

  • Child labor or having to work to add to the family income,  or care for younger siblings
  • Low family income and therefore inability to afford school fees or supplies
  • Disruptive family circumstances (death, divorce, children left with grandparents)
  • No birth certificates

What is ACF doing to help disadvantaged children gain access to quality education?

Asia Center Foundation created many programs to help children and their parents deal with difficult situations for Thai and Burmese children from 3 to 18 years old. These include:

  • The Patong Childcare Center for 3 to 6 year old children from Patong and Kathu area provides them a safe, secure environment where they can learn (many for the first time) to follow a set routine, to obey rules, to develop their creativity and to behave in a social environment with children of their age.
  • Scholarship Program for children between 7 to 18 in the Phang Nga and Phuket provinces provides support and encouragement to families facing financial and social problems whose children benefit from the scholarship program.
  • Full care in a “safe house” called Ban Sii Som for children whose home environments are not safe or suitable for children.
  • JumpStart Learning Center for Burmese children who come from at-risk and poor families and for various reasons, who cannot attend Thai government schools.
  • The ACF Youth Program that focuses on Primary school students varying between the ages of 8 and 12 serves as a platform for life skills training, leadership and sports development.


What does ACF plan for the future?

We would really like to have a permanent facility where we want to provide poor children with a place that they can come to for support, to receive a quality education, to do some sports and have the opportunity to develop their God-given talents. We would like to create a pre-school, official primary school  as well as a Youth Center from where more poor children will have access to education and opportunities. It is a big goal but we know we can make this happen with the support and further development of the team and our donor base.


Our current programs

Burmese education center for disadvantaged children


Patong Childcare Center for disadvantaged children, Asia Center Foundation


Scholarship program for disadvantaged children Asia Center Foundation


Youth Program for disadvantaged children Asia Center Foundation


Safe House "Baan Sii Som" disadvantaged children Asia Center Foundation