A new kitchen and dining hall breath life into the JumpStart Center

ACF is expanding on its ability to provide better life skill and education opportunities for the JumpStart Learning and Lifeskill Center, a place for at-risk Burmese children on Phuket island.

The overall facility was made available to us by the SHE Foundation, who built and developed most of the existing facilities on the land, but had to close down their activities. ACF is extremely thankful for being able to make use of all that was left behind.

A much needed addition

Once completed, the new facility will enable us to add a new dimension to our work with older Burmese and Thai children, while we continue with pre-school education for 45 children from the Koh Sirae community.

But a much needed kitchen and dining hall were still required in order to provide meals for big groups. On top of that, they further enable us to kick off with a cooking and baking project as part of the life skill development program. The building is also suitable for training sessions and meetings.IMG_2792

Additionally, ACF aims to start teaching children to grow vegetables and we are looking into the possibility of doing a silk screen and sewing project to increase the skills of children between 12 and 14 years of age. It is at this age when most children drop out of school, to help earn an income for their families.


This is where you can make a difference

As ACF enters a new phase with the availability of this new facility, support for the Life Skill program is needed more than ever. ACF requires monthly financial assistance to cover expenses for the Lifeskill program – supplies for the cooking and baking project, buying of seeds and plants for the vegetable project as well as materials required for setting up the sewing and silk screen project.

Anyone that can help with practical skills by teaching one of the above, or is willing to provide financial help can contact the Director, Roelien Muller, at roemuthai@gmail.com for more information.