Never Too Young To Make A Difference


The Howe family saying “Sawat dee ka” to PCC kids

Hugo (4BR), the main spokesperson for the trio, delivered a speech in front of all 500 classmates at St Patricks Parish school, Albury, explaining their decision to help children less advantaged than themselves. He shared some interesting facts about Thailand with the school and informed all the children that they wanted to make a difference during their family holiday on Phuket. ACF was of course delighted when we received their inquiry via Facebook, requesting to raise funds for us. Soon after they got permission from their Head mistress and placed donation tins in each of the 21 classrooms.
This presented every child in their school with the opportunity to participate in their effort to help other children in Thailand.

On the 20th of June the big day was finally there, and they spent time with children from Patong Childcare Center. They handed out some workbooks, toothbrushes and toothpaste as well as some sweets, which they have bought for the kids with the funds that were collected at school. They also had opportunity to see the kids at the Center prepare a traditional Thai dessert and listened to the Thai children sing a thank you song in English.

Visiting the area where ACF has a Center for Burmese children, they realized just how privileged they are after seeing the living conditions of some of the families. Later that day, they tried the Sweet Thai coconut desert that the pre-school kids at Patong Childcare Center made earlier. Lilly especially loved it!

ACF wants to thank Mrs Cameron, Head mistress at St Patricks Parish school, Albury, Aus for allowing this special fund raising event to take place on behalf of Asia Center Foundation. Another big thank you needs to go to all the children of St Patricks Parish school and their families who also contributed to the Howe kids’ initiative! Then to Ken and Leyna, for encouraging their children to get involved and for reaching out to know more about other cultures, especially the disadvantaged children ACF works with. We were extremely blessed by all your efforts and were able to replace the stolen guitar and camera with the funds that was raised. We hope that Hugo and his sisters will continue to help others that are not as fortunate as they are.

See you again on Phuket on your next visit!
Sawat dee ka!