Celebrating A Decade Of Hope

Asia Center Foundation celebrates a decade of hope

Asia Center Foundation celebrates a decade of hope

Ten years down the road of our humble beginnings in the Patong slum, ACF looks back at a fantastic journey. Never have we thought that one little project for slum children would be so inspirational to keep us working at it for ten years.

Through all the challenges and sacrifices made, what kept us keep going? Maybe it was witnessing the vulnerability of the children and families we met there… or the compassion God placed in our hearts for those who sometimes have reached their strengths’ end and who had no one to support them. Maybe it was a mixture of both. But it was fueled by love for hurting people and a desire to make a difference – to serve the community by being salt and light that really pushed us through good and bad times.

Many different people helped make it work over the years and their contributions helped to not only build the ACF family, but also the projects that have given hope to more than 300 families. We thank our program partners, our supporters and donors for their ongoing and much needed support through the years.

We thank those who have provided fund raising opportunities or created events out of own initiative that benefit ACF, and we call them our Ambassadors of Hope. We share our successes with each of you. Lives have been changed and together we will continue to do so. What a journey it has been so far!

“To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived – that is to have succeeded.”
Ralp Waldo Emerson