Bangers On Bikes 2012


Bangers once again made a difference in the lives of the ACF children

Most of us common folks don’t willingly take on major physical or mental challenges. No, we much rather suffer from ‘couch potato syndrome’ than actually get out there and do something worthwhile with our time. But there are a few people out there who go beyond the comfort zone of the ordinary and push themselves to accomplish the extraordinary.
Enter the ‘Bangers on Bikes’ lead by Bob Pearson, a high school teacher at Bangkok Prep School ( Bangkok Prep, as a major International education facility supports Bob’s involvement with this excellent opportunity to help raise funds so that disadvantaged students can also have the opportunities so many of us takes for granted.

“The first year we were lucky enough to raise 350.000 baht which was 50 000 more than our goal. Last year we pushed it up to 410.000 baht. This year, we are hoping to surpass this target and hope to raise more than 500.000 baht.” Funds raised by the event will go towards the Asia Center Foundations’ Infrastructure Fund and will help to realize the goal of building a school and Youth Center
for disadvantaged students.

Now in it’s third year, the Bangers on Bikes Charity Bike run is a fund raising event which sees a group of rugby players turned bikers traveling by bike from the capitol city of Bangkok, to the island of Phuket.
The five day event was initiated by Bob Pearson and other members of the ‘Old Bangkok Bangers Rugby Club in Bangkok in order to raise funds and awareness for Asia Center Foundation and other charities’ work.
“All involved do this on a voluntary basis and give up their personal time for the benefit of those less fortunate than ourselves” says Andrew McDowell,Chairman of the Old Bangkok Bangers Rugby Club.

The Bangers, this year joined on the 916 km journey by cyclists from China and Phuket, hit the road on Monday 20 February and arrived on Phuket to a heart warming reception at the Patong Childcare Center in Kathu on Friday 25 February. Despite having just completed the final day and bodies battered by sun, hills and saddles the Bangers were beaming and thoroughly enjoyed the attention from the children.

ACF wishes to thank all the participants to the event as well as sponsors that either sponsored the event or one of the cyclists.
Together we can do so much more to give Hope and a Future to children in need.

For more information on the recent trip, please go to the following links. If you want to get involved with next year’s ride, please contact us.

Mrs. Roelien Muller (Asia Center Foundation)
“Bangers On Bikes” on ACF Facebook Page

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The Bangers on Bikes are:

From Bangkok:
Jean-Francois KLENTZI (Jeff)
Bob Pearson
Pete Burgess
Patrick Bernard
Andy Lamont
Martin Hodgson
Trevor Day

From Phuket:
Richard Folds (Foldsy)

From China:
Andrew Hjelmeland
Gervais Lavoie
Stephen Pennicott

Support Crew:
Technical Support: Andrew McDowell Driver: Eric Vavasseur