Ambassadors of Hope

In 2012 Asia Center Foundation (ACF) celebrated 10 years of charity work on Phuket. Asia Center Foundation has been blessed with incredible support from various amazing organizations and individuals who have decided to sponsor our charity. Through the years, they have been an enormous support for our work with disadvantaged children.

In recognition and as a token of our appreciation of the support we have received, we have developed the “Ambassador of Hope” awards. Individuals who have initiated an individual effort to raise funds for ACF’s work and who have maintained the effort for a certain period, can be nominated as ACF “Ambassador of Hope”.

We have awarded 6 “Ambassador of Hope” awards since October 2012 to outstanding individuals. Here at Asia Center Foundation we felt that, that is what they are representatives not only of their families, their rugby clubs or organizations, but also ambassadors of their own countries, making a difference and giving hope locally. The following friends of ACF have received their awards during the ACF ten-year celebration event:

Mrs. Jo Spearing (UK)  Long term sponsor of the Asia Center Foundation Scholarship Program and mobilizer of various other sponsors for ACF, who received her award at an exotic island destination near Phi Phi island
Jeff Klentzi  The bald-headed French guy who has excellent English writing skills, can raise money and can stay on a bike for 950 kms,  received his award in February at the ACF office right before their departure from Phuket on the 4th Bangkok Bangers Charity Bike Ride
Patrick Cotter (UK)  For using the Phuket International Rugby Tens for greater good
Bob Pearson  The Scottish Bangkok Banger with a biking mission and a desire to make a difference, and the initiator of the Bangkok to Phuket Charity Bike Ride which started in 2010
Pete Burgess  The quiet Kiwi from Bangkok who has a good heart and a passion for fitness, and who also completed the Bangkok Charity Bike Ride four years in a row
Dr. Joseph Lam (USA)President of the World Children’s Fund and long term ACF sponsor’s award was received by the WCF Asia Director, Mr. Bowen Wang