Scholarship ’s 10th anniversary and Tsunami Memorial

Another milestone added to the legacy


Rugby is anything but an easy sport. There are sky high expectations to meet, mountains to climb ahead of a goal, challenges and moving obstacles to tackle every second of the game. Perhaps all these similarities with a day in the work of ACF created the strong bond between us, growing stronger every year.

The last week-end of May, at the Thanyapura Phuket Rugby 10s, we celebrated 10 years of existence for the Scholarship program; a sponsorship effort that has been providing the much needed support to children since the tsunami disaster of December 2004.

From the very kick-off of the games, our tent received a lot of interest from the teams, with many scholarship donations and a high rate of renewal for existing sponsorships. And, as the games went on, children developed a strong tie with the teams and players: spirits ran high and more people came to ask about the program, take photos with the students or give to our donation boxes.

For this event, our students were challenged to draw pictures of their tsunami memories, indicating the help they received through the scholarship program as well as what that help meant to them so far. The winner’s picture then was sent to a designer which presented ACF with the final design of the drawing, ready to be printed on beer coolers which were presented to sponsors as a token of gratitude for their support through the years. The winners of our design contests also had their creations framed and each received some prize money for their efforts.

The colorful wishing wall was an opportunity for everyone to express their good wishes to ACF’s future and will be part of an artistic project at the new ACF school facilities which will be built in Kathu.

Before the big final, the audience had the chance to turn back the clocks and witness an amazing, eye-watering re-enactment of the Tsunami, as 50 ACF Scholarship students acted out the actual tsunami with colored materials moment and their best acting and dancing skills.

The games ended with 400 LED lit balloons launched into the night sky, one for each child sponsored so far and the cut of a birthday cake sponsored by the ACF’s Board Chairman, K. Eam Thavornvongwongse from Kata Group.

Remarks from our sponsors:

El Ain Amblers:”I have spoken to many people there during the performance the kids put on and found it to be a very moving experience. It still brings a tear to my eye now when I tell people about it. Also, for next year, we will look to increase our sponsorship.”

Singapore Bucks: “We enjoyed the weekend enormously, but one of the highlights had to be the children’s performance which we found to be very impressive, not to mention very touching. There were several of us complaining about ‘something in our eyes’ following that performance.” 

Visitor from Australia: “I’d like to first congratulate you and your team on the fantastic work you have done in support of the children it was truly a humbling experience to meet you and partake in the balloon ceremony with the children whilst attending the Phuket 10s. Why I am contacting you is my wife and I would like to sponsor a boy we met on the day as he reminded us so much of our grandson it brought a tear to our eyes”