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Bangers On Bikes 2012

Most of us common folks don’t willingly take on major physical or mental challenges. No, we much rather suffer from ‘couch potato syndrome’ than actually get out there and do something worthwhile with our time. But there are a few people out there who go beyond the comfort zone of the ordinary […]



A Day Out with Jo Spearing

Despite many differences in our lives, we all share at least one common attribute – that one very special day circled on the calendar. Equally diverse are the ways we choose to celebrate the day of our birth. This year an extraordinary lady made the choice to celebrate her birthday in a very special way […]

The Lomas and Ta' Moko Lion Team

Phuket International Rugby Tournament 2011

After an exciting tournament on Saturday, a coaching clinic at the beach was presented by Ta’moko Lions Coach, Daniel Koh and his team, followed by lunch, sponsored by Patrick Cotter, and dragon boat races sponsored by Mike from Sail Asia. Boys from the ACF Youth Sport Development Program (YSDP) and members of the Phuket Lomas […]

Saturday Kids Club ends with much fan fare

If ever the adage ‘dynamite comes in small packages’ rung true it is with Chavarin Srinoi, the organizer of ACF Saturday Kids club. Though small in stature her big personality and huge heart dwarfed all obstacles in her way ensuring another successful year for the program. Taking over the reigns in 2011 this young woman […]

Kids Club 2011