ACF Activities

15th Strategic Sport International Rugby Tens

Asia Center Foundation’s Scholarship Program benefits from the 15th Strategic Sport International Rugby Tens Event In celebration of ACF’s 10th anniversary of charity work last year, we brought 40 students from our scholarship program to the Strategic Sport International Rugby Tens event on 24th-26th May 2013. The scholarship program started in 2005 to help children […]

Asia Center Foundation Rugby Tens 3

Asia Center Foundation celebrates a decade of hope

Celebrating A Decade Of Hope

Ten years down the road of our humble beginnings in the Patong slum, ACF looks back at a fantastic journey. Never have we thought that one little project for slum children would be so inspirational to keep us working at it for ten years. Through all the challenges and sacrifices made, […]

Never Too Young To Make A Difference

Hugo (4BR), the main spokesperson for the trio, delivered a speech in front of all 500 classmates at St Patricks Parish school, Albury, explaining their decision to help children less advantaged than themselves. He shared some interesting facts about Thailand with the school and informed all the children that they wanted to make a difference […]



A Day Out with Jo Spearing

Despite many differences in our lives, we all share at least one common attribute – that one very special day circled on the calendar. Equally diverse are the ways we choose to celebrate the day of our birth. This year an extraordinary lady made the choice to celebrate her birthday in a very special way […]

Kids Club 2011

Saturday Kids Club ends with much fan fare

If ever the adage ‘dynamite comes in small packages’ rung true it is with Chavarin Srinoi, the organizer of ACF Saturday Kids club. Though small in stature her big personality and huge heart dwarfed all obstacles in her way ensuring another successful year for the program. Taking over the reigns in 2011 this young woman […]

Burmese and Thai children join hands

A group of Burmese children from one of ACF’s projects recently had the opportunity to broaden their horizons and experience a side of Phuket they have never seen. They joined kids from ACF’s Thai children’s projects as well as a group of children from the north of Thailand in a fun outreach week hosted by […]

After the Art Session with PSU students