Children Stories

Asia Center Foundation (ACF)’s aim is to help disadvantaged children by providing quality education and care on Phuket, Thailand. Learn how ACF has made an impact on many children’s lives.


Thanakorn Budvaew (Nickname – “Of”) 5 years old

Of started to attend Patong Childcare Center (PCC) in 2011. His parents separated when he was only two months old and since then neither has taken any responsibility for him. All the responsibility rests on his grandparents. His grandmother heard about Patong Childcare Center and since it is free of charge to send children, and transportation is provided by ACF, she decided to send him to PCC.

Of has a problem with his left cheek and jaw bone. He needs to see a doctor often to make sure that there is nothing else growing in the mass on the left side of his face – he was born like this. Of requires extra attention as he is also a very strong-willed child.

Of is quite expressive in nature and sometimes this ends up in screaming and shouting, but he also smiles easily. Of loves to draw and paint with colours, and he would like to be a policeman in the future. His grandparents hope that one day he will be healed and that he will be able to continue his education to a higher level.



Kittikorn Chairab (Nickname – “Seven”) 6 years old

Seven has attended the Patong Childcare Center (PCC) since 2010. He is in the care of his grandmother who had very low income from massage work. When his grandmother heard about the Center and that it was free of charge to let children stay there every day, she felt very relieved. His grandmother also takes care of Seven’s younger sister. Seven’s grandmother can’t work due to the fact that she also has to take care of his younger sister.

Some days Seven is absent from school as she is not able to drop him off, or they don’t have food for breakfast. PCC staff sometimes send leftovers from school lunch to his house when there is any.

Seven learns quite well in class but, sometimes, is very impolite and naughty. It’s almost as if he seeks more attention. He needs additional discipline from the teachers and, therefore, takes up extra time from the teacher, which affects the entire class. On the other hand, he is always willing to help his teacher and his friends and he likes to play football. His behaviour has improved since he started to attend PCC.